Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekly Wedding Wishes

Well it only took me two weeks to update on my Weekly Wishes, so I guess that means I must have been out doing something about them huh??

Here’s what I’ve been working on these past few weeks...
Staying on top of wedding plans… I’ve officially started the search into wedding venues for later this year, visited a few locations, picked out some leading places that really fit the budget and the vibe I want.  I’m super excited to start getting everything rolling along so I can check one more item off my ever-growing list.  Now if only I knew where the Army was intending to send us… But more on this later this week.

Loving this idea for centerpieces

Getting errands done after work… It’s been working out swimmingly and it’s giving me far more time on the weekend to do whatever else is on that aforementioned list.  The downtime is most appreciated and warranted, and is totally helping feed my reading addiction.

Stop stressing over work…  The last two months have been really rough at the office as I’ve taken over for the person who left in early January, basically doubling my workload.  It’s not fun, it’s a ton of stress, and I end up taking a lot of it home with me and stewing about it just working myself up even more.  Well, I’ve decided to leave it at the door from now on, as much as possible, b/c it’s really just not worth the effort worrying about it. So, I’m letting it sit there after I clock out, and I’m going to start getting back to regular yoga practice to stay centered.

The Nectar Collective

I think I nailed the goals pretty well, so how ‘bout a set of new ones…

This week I’d like to:
Visit a few more wedding venues…. I want to pretty much figure out the venue info by the end of the week and lock in a date to start getting everything else set in motion.  It would seriously relieve a lot of stress going forward.

Find out everything I can about South Korea...  like the researcher I was trained to be, I need to start checking out everything there is to know about South Korea, getting an idea of what I want to do with FM while we’re there together, and some of the must-see things to experience (like the cherry blossom festivals that I'm insanely excited for).  Plus, I want to at least be able to speak minor phrases before showing up in a foreign country alone!

Catch up on some of the shows I neglected during the Olympic break…  I seriously did not watch pretty much anything but Olympics for 2 straight weeks, so Revenge and Elementary are calling my name.  But I can’t lie, I’m pretty upset that the games are over! 2016, I’m looking at you!!

So let’s hope I can stay on track and stick to these wishes, and I promise, I’ll update on the wedding venue search later this week!

Happy Monday all!

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