Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wishing for Warm!

Dear US Army,

Do me a little favor and take us somewhere a little warmer, with a little less snow, for a little while.  

Thanks a little.


In case you don't live in the Northeast, or you've missed the weather reports lately, allow me to tell you that we are getting absolutely HAMMERED, and not in a good way!  The snow just keeps on coming, and the forecasts get worse each day.  My tolerance for the irritating white stuff is growing evermore thin, and I'm just dying to put away my furry boots and see some flowers and flip flips.

I'm getting  frustratingly tired of the backbreaking shoveling, the skidding on the roads because plows don't exist here, waking up extra early to clean off my car and allow for geniuses that can't drive in snow to get to work, bundling up like one of the Inuit peoples, having to lug a thousand things to work including an extra pair of shoes because "snow boots aren't business conservative attire", and freezing cracked skin/lips, along with a host of other wonderful winter attributes.

At this point, I'm not only looking forward to the spring and summer for my trip, and FM's return, but for the sheer fact that it presents the opportunity for the Army to move us somewhere that may be a little less Tundra-esque, because this is getting ridiculous!

Until then... I shall pull on my boots over my dress pants, day after stinkin' day, and silently wish for Mo Nature's PMS moment with the Northeast to ease up on the cramps.

Stay safe all (and warm! and if you're in one of those warm areas, send it our way, pleaseeee!)

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