Thursday, March 20, 2014

Boys Behind the Blog: March Madness Edition

It’s that time again… another month of FM submitting to answering random questions about himself for Boys Behind the Blog!

I have an announcement to make on his behalf tomorrow, so this is a perfect segue to that end.  Get excited!!

Without further ado, take it away dear…

1. What's your lucky number?
My lucky number is 3. I suppose because my Birthday is on the 3rd.

...I don't see us winning any lottery pools on it...
2. Do you have a lucky charm?
A lucky charm like a small totem, a lucky pair of socks or underwear? Nah, not really. I don't think I ever have.

::Womp Wahhh::  We’re sorry, the correct answer was “my wife.”  Just kidding. I’m the most unlucky human walking, but it was a nice thought for half a second. 

Nice college flashback there! Ahhh, college!

3. Do you fill out a bracket for March Madness? Who do you want to win?
Basketball isn't my favorite sport. I prefer hockey or soccer. So although I will not be filling out a bracket, I will be pulling for my Alma Mater SUNY Albany! #GoGreatDanes

I will try very hard to ignore that you just hashtagged that though… 

 4. March 10th is "Middle Name Pride Day." What's your middle name?
I proudly state that my middle name is Benjamin.

And I proudly state that not one of our possible future children will bare that name.  Or anything beginning with an F like the rest of FM’s family.

5. Submit one question that you would like to see on a future The Boys Behind the Blog.
I would like to see "What did you want to be when you grew up?" become a question.

I would like to see “What’s your most embarrassing moment…” but that’s just me!

Thanks for obliging dear! 

On a side note, I'm still looking for a few guest bloggers to cover this little slice of the internet while I'm off prancing around Korea.  If you're interested check out the details here...  & thanks!

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