Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Calling All Guest Bloggers...

Well as you all probably have heard by now, I’m jumping on a jet plane and heading to South Korea to see the man, Mr. FM, in just a few weeks. HOORAY!!!  (If you haven’t heard… why not!? I feel like I’ve been going nuts over this trip forever! Please, feel free to give a read of the posts from the last few weeks and catch up…)

As I figure it, between travel, fighting motion sickness and sleep deprivation, and then enjoying time with FM, before doing those other aforementioned things in reverse, there sadly won’t be much room left for blogging.

Which leads me to turn to you, my lovely readers, to see if anyone would be willing to guest post for me as I gallivant around a foreign Asian land… I’m looking for about 6-8 guest bloggers, and I’ll even let you pick the date the post goes up!

Payment will be made in gracious thanks and possibly a cool South Korean postcard, if you so decide you would like one! Who doesn’t love some snail mail?

Here’s the very few things I ask of you:
1.  Be clean. I try to stay as clean as possible around here, so please do your best to stay P.C.
2.  Write about whatever you want, but something on travel and/or military life would be awesome!
3.  Try your very best to get the post to me by email by April 1st. (I know it’s semi-short notice, and I apologize, but I do need time to schedule all of these posts and make them pretty before departing on the 5th!)
4.  Feel free to include pictures, but again, cleanliness. Thanks!
5.  Have fun!

If you’re interested in taking over this little Going Green adventure project of mine for a day, and possibly gaining some new followers yourself, either leave me a comment down below and let me know how to reach you, or email the blog at and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Thanks all, and I’m looking forward to reading everything you have to say!

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