Monday, March 17, 2014

Irish Wishes

Top of the morning to all ye Irish today! A very happy St. Patrick’s Day all around.

Here’s hoping the luck continues for the next couple of weeks and makes it go by nice and quick pre-flight to visit FM.

Let’s start the week off right with some wishes!

This week I’m hoping to…

Start a retirement fund… FM and I have been tossing around the idea of how best to save for the future, and, well, a retirement fund can never be started too soon! It’s a huge adult move and it’s giving me a bit of a heart attack to tie up a bunch of funds until I’m 65 ½ but it needs to be done. YAY adulthood!
That's more like it!

Get some necessary essentials… I started my oh-so-important packing list and I’m sure I’m going to be needing to stock up on a few travel sized items, so I really need to go out and do that before it’s last minute shopping.

Get my save the dates out… It has been such a hassle to get these things addressed and sent out, so I’m looking forward to finally stamping them and sending them on their way to our wonderful invited guests. Phew!

Outside of that I will just be wishing for orders.  I’m getting super antsy thinking about where we’re going to be at this time next year, and I’m hoping the delay in finding out is due to the Army trying to accommodate our first dream choice.  Fingers crossed for Maryland! Here’s wishing!

Have a great St. Patty’s Day all. Luck of the Irish be with you all!

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