Monday, March 3, 2014

Korean Wishes

Happy March!

Where is this year going?  I feel like we just finished taking down the Christmas tree!!

Thankfully, at least, this year has some big things in store, and I’m doing a great job of keeping on top of them, due in no small part to sticking to my Weekly Wishes.  So let’s get on with it…

Last week I wanted to:

Visit a few more wedding venues… Well, I only visited one more, but I just got such a great vibe from the first place I visited that I couldn’t help but go back and book it!! November 29th, I’m looking at you! I’m ready to eat a ton of Thanksgiving food and dance it all off two days later! Commence wedding plans…

Find out everything I need to know about South Korea… I put this on the back burner in favor of wedding things, but you can be sure that I’ll be knuckling down on that challenge after work this week, and sharing everything I can find out about where I’m heading in five weeks! (EEK!)

Catch up on some TV… I managed to get through a few Revenge episodes and some PLL, so I’d consider that a win based on the limited time I’ve had to dedicate to it this week.

The Nectar Collective

So for this week I’ll be focusing on:
All things Korea… getting all that important stuff worked out, finding out what’s culturally significant and, more importantly, culturally offensive (like tipping your waiter, odd!). I also need to find out what fantastic touristy places I can visit/things I can see, and plan out our sightseeing schedule! SOO excited!

[s] the canal walk of Cheonggyecheon

...or the Gyeongbokgung Palace

Reserving some hotel rooms… the weekend after Thanksgiving means a ton of out-of-towners, which means I need to get my rear in gear to reserve some rooms for our guests, or we’ll be pitching tents in my parent’s yard! Awkward (or fun, I can’t decide)!

Being self sufficient for ten days… FM is doing field exercises and is therefore out of communication for the next week and a half, so it looks like all decisions shall be made on my own for a few things!  Perfect time to order that laser light show he told me we didn’t need… kidding!!

Breathing deeply… Letting go of the stress surrounding the major upcoming events, and getting back to some yoga, will truly add some much needed clarity. Hopefully I get a lovely email in the next couple days letting me know I’ve been granted access to March yoga classes, yay!

Here’s to getting things done efficiently, making some important decisions on my own, and doing it (relatively) stress free.

Good luck with all of your wishes ladies and gents, and stay tuned this week for some serious cultural learnings on Korea!

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