Friday, March 28, 2014

Vacation or Bust! (or Snap!)

I am so severely in need of a vacation!

Over the last few weeks I’ve really been dragging myself through the work days, and as things have been picking up in the wedding plans department, and with the Korea trip getting closer, I barely have five minutes to breathe at the end of the day without having something important or pressing to get done!  I am in desperate need of some time off from the stress!
And then I actually sat back to think about all the craziness that has gone on in our world in the last year and a half (bad idea!), and how much has needed to/gotten done to get us to where we thankfully are, and I’m honestly wondering how I haven’t crashed before this point!

I haven’t had a true “vacation” in seven months since I started this job, and all of that unemployed time before that was spent looking for jobs full-time.  Even the two weeks that FM had post-AIT/pre-Korea  was spent traveling up and down the New York State Thruway visiting family, setting up a wedding in 24 hours, and getting our DOD paperwork completed so I can be an official Army wife.

So the 5th truly cannot get here soon enough! I will surely be enjoying relaxing with FM, taking in some amazing new sights and museums, trying new food, and maybe even taking a nap here and there!  Because, who cares?? I’ll be on VACATION!

Korea or bust!  Seven days and counting!

And reminder: I’ve still got a few spots open for guest bloggers while I’m away… If you would like to join up with some amazing people who have already agreed to help me out, leave me a comment or email the blog at .

Have a great weekend everyone!
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