Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Save the Dates

Personally, I think Save the Dates are most definitely warranted for weddings, especially seeing as FM and I are celebrating ours on a holiday weekend.  Of course, we want to make sure that everyone we’re inviting has ample chance to make plans to travel and hang out with us, fighting the most brutal of holiday traffic weekends (we’re really sorry friends and family, hope you understand where we’re coming from and remember that when you’re sitting in the bumper-to-bumper jam!).

However, I also think Save the Dates can get completely out of control, and even upstage the invites.  I’m trying to keep this wedding as simple and classic as FM and I are, so the Save the Dates had to fit the bill perfectly, all while not breaking the budget.  So I decided to go with something a little different but still simple and classy that would go with any set of invitations I chose; a postcard.

Enter Wedding Paper Divas
They changed the lt. blue to goldenrod for me! So cute!
Love the simplicity of a postcard!
I cannot rave about this company enough!  Not only is the website insanely easy to use, and chock full of ideas and templates, but they make sure to give you the option to have a designer review all of the changes you make to the original, lining everything up appropriately, and fixing every little last minute detail to make them perfect.

Knowing that they were affiliated with Shutterfly gave me super confidence in the product, but I was honestly so happy with the service from beginning to end, from allowing me to change the original color to the golden yellow I wanted, to the super fast review/proof process, to the even faster printing and shipping.  All in all, the postcards were at my doorstep ready to go in just over 7 days.  AWESOME! (addressing and mailing them not so much!)

If you’re considering doing something similar for your event, I would HIGHLY recommend using Wedding Paper Divas! It was awesome and took a whole ton of stress out of my Save the Date process (plus they allow you to use coupon codes, yes for money saving)!

Oh, and just to be clear, I was in no way compensated by WPD for this sparkling review, they’re just that good! 
I'm off to dress shopping with my bridesmaids this evening. Updates next week!

Happy Wedding Wednesday/Hump day all, have a good one!

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