Monday, April 7, 2014

5 Essentials for Flying Solo

Hey there Going Green readers! I'm Elizabeth from Army Ever After and I'm taking over the blog for a day. Since Lauren is over having a great time visiting her hubs and she had to fly on a plane in order to have such a great time, I thought it was appropriate to write about travel. So without further ado, five essentials for flying solo.

1. //An ipod with headphones-I love making friends with my seat mates on a long flight....most of the time. For those times when I'm too tired to make conversation though, I always make sure to take my ipod (or my phone on airplane mode) along with two pairs of headphones in my carry-on. For long flights especially, these are pretty much a necessity.

2. //Something to read-Let's face it--flying can be pretty boring. A good book or a magazine keeps your mind busy and off the minutes slowly ticking by. So grab your favorite book and settle down for a long uninterrupted read!

3. //Comfy yet stylish clothes-I'm a huge fan of comfortable and casual. A long skirt or jeggings + a light sweater is perfect for the sometimes drafty airplane. Layers that are easy to take off and on are the best, especially if where you're headed is warmer than where you left (say when I traveled from Montana to Hawaii). Also flats or sandals are the best since you'll probably be doing a lot of walking/running around airports.

4. //Fluffy Socks-Alright so it's not required for them to be in the colors of your favorite football team but it doesn't hurt! My feet are always the first things to get a little chilly during a flight so a cute pair of fuzzy socks keep my tosies warm and toasty just the way I like them. And I get to show a little Bronco pride at the same time!

5. //Airport Map-The most nervewracking thing to me about flying is trying to find my gates during layovers. That probably comes from almost missing my flight in Atlanta once because I got lost between terminals. Ever since then, I've always printed out a map of the airports I'll be going to. Even if the gates change, at least I don't have to waste valuable time trying to find a map in the airport.

So there you have it, folks! The next time you're jet setting off to some far away place like Lauren is doing this week, make sure to pack these necessities for your plane ride!

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