Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Can't We Just PCS Already?!?!?

So I’m starting to think I may be part of a very small minority of completely crazy military spouses that is anxiously awaiting a PCS.  Like on the edge of my seat, let’s get in the van and roll out of here kind of anxiously awaiting.   Can’t it just be here already?!?!?!

Honestly, we have yet to receive a permanent station as a married couple, I have never before been included in his orders, and we’ve been living apart for what will be almost two years by the time FM comes back to the States, so I’m hanging on rather impatiently now to finally get the ball rolling.  And FM will be the first to tell you, I do not wait patiently.  For ANYTHING. 

I’m a planner.  We’re three months out from FM returning and I need to be able to start looking for places to live, calling moving companies, packing things up, looking for a new job, trolling Pinterest for decorating ideas, researching dog breeds that will acclimate well to wherever the new living space may be… you know, the important things!!  My inherent nature to be organized and well planned is just getting completely ruined by all of the heel dragging going on! 

Thankfully, while I was over visiting FM, we got a rather good inkling as to where we’re headed, but I’m too nervous to jinx this very good fortune by letting it out in blogland until we have actual hard copy, “this is more than likely going to happen,” papers in hand and a moving truck reserved, since we all know how often the military enjoys changing their mind and toying with the families it commands to reside where it decides.  But the light does seem to be poking through ever so faintly at the end of this hardship tunnel! And, of course, I will share the good news just after I know for sure!

So here’s hoping for those ominous PCS orders hiding in the closet to pop out and be handed down very, very soon so the main characters can stop running through the dark creepy old house, in a thunderstorm, with no shoes on (of course, why would they have shoes?) and the suspense movie finally rolls the credits!

Let’s get this show on the road; I’m ready to PCS!!  

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