Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Long Flight Fashion

Hi everyone! I'm Anna Belle from The Anna Belle Blog! I love to talk about (affordable!) clothes and makeup. I'm very excited to be guest posting today for Lauren while she is in Korea.

The flight from NYC to Korea is not short and the weather in each location can be drastically different, something we all even experience when flying north to south domestically! Having lived in Texas for so long, I'm more accustomed to going from hot to cold, but now that I'm a New Englander, I will be getting used to quite a bit of cold-to-hot, which is what Lauren is doing.

So today I have an example of what I would wear on the plane in order to be comfortable both while getting to the airport in the cold and when I land in the warmth! In the dead of winter, you really probably should wear your coat to the airport (getting sick at the beginning of a trip would be really lame!), but at this time of the spring, if might be possible to layer well and avoid the parka.[Disclosure: "shopstyle" links are affiliates that count clicks, but do not track purchases, in this post.]

I layer my outerwear to stay warm on the way to the airport. This navy Old Navy jacket ($40) or your favorite jean jacket looks really cute layered over a gray zip hood (this one is from Target, $20). Both could be worn separately and I love having a comfy sweatshirt with me for wearing over pjs at breakfast! The layers will also be useful on the airplane, which can be quite chilly, but is a sauna 10% of the time. Best to be ready for both scenarios!

The tee is one of my current favorite! It's from JCrew Factory ($35) and I originally thought it was abstract watercolors. I am less excited about it being surfboards, but the colors are just too pretty. Your favorite graphic tee would be perfect here too!

I know a lot of ladies like to travel in pajama pants or leggings, but I think these jeans from NY&Co (on sale for $25!) are just as comfortable, but can look a lot more pulled together. They are technically "jean leggings," so they are super soft and stretchy. (The reason that I chose these instead of Old Navy jeans is because the pockets of NY&Co jeans are rather low, making your tush look nice and high. Old Navy, on my body, does the opposite: my tush looks like it sags below the pockets!)

Wearing tennis shoes on the plane is often touted as packing-common-sense: as your bulkiest shoe, they won't take up bag space if you are wearing them! Other advantages: speed walking to your gate in heels sucks, undoing buckles at security is annoying, and I avoid sandals because of the cold climate (in both my commute to the airport and on the airplane)! I love these flats from H&M ($13, and also in floral!) because they are just a little lower cut on top than most tennis shoes, which helps extend your leg line. I am happy with my legs, but I do have big feet and sometimes I feel like I am half legs, half feet - which is a lot of feet! These shoes (like ballet flats) give the illusion that the top part of my foot is somehow part of my leg, making my feet less like canoes. At the airport, nobody cares, but when I'm grumpy and tired and have to meet people at the of the flight, I was to look reasonably cute.

Although I adore statement necklaces, traveling with too much jewelry is both a hassle at security and an annoyance after sitting on a plane for twelve hours. I would stick with a simple watch (always handy!). I love the colors of this one from Asos ($15) and the friendship bracelet band is very soft, which would be comfortable for a long time.

Lastly, I cannot sit on an airplane and stare at my hands for hours when my nails are chipped. I always throw my current nail color into my bag of liquids for quick touch-ups. Essie's Tart Deco is my absolute favorite for spring: the cantaloupe-like color is a nice opaque cream that only needs two coats to look nice!

I hope that you have enjoyed my take on travel clothes! If you like this, you should come check out my series on packing a carry-on bag for long flights (part one, two, and three) as well as inspiration for casual spring outfits for sightseeing!

What do you wear on long flight or road trips?

'til the next time,

Anna Belle

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