Friday, April 4, 2014

Up, Up, and Away!

After months and months of planning the time has finally come… time to GO TO KOREA!!

I’m jumping a jet plane and heading out very bright and early tomorrow morning to travel through space and time and meet up with Mr. FM in the future.  I don’t know if I could possibly be more excited to get to see him after more than half a year, I’m just hoping I can contain my excitement from the other couple hundred people on the flights with me so I don’t seem like a total lunatic!

Anyway… here’s what I ask of you wonderful readers while I’m done.
1.  Hope I make it there okay since I’m deathly afraid of flying and want nothing more than to be there already.  There may be some kissing of the ground in my future…
2. Be nice to all the wonderful people that have agreed to guest post for me while I’m away!

There’s a little bit of everything coming your way in the next few weeks from these lovely ladies and I’m sure you’re going to love it (trust me, I have read them already after all!).

So keep the comments and the positivity flowing and I will be back with a crazy amount of pictures and tales in just a few weeks!!

Have a great Friday, weekend, week, and week after that!!

Adios America!

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