Monday, May 5, 2014

84 Days. 12 Weekends.

I can’t lie, since I left FM a few weeks ago, I’ve been dying to get back to him.  It was so nice to be back to a normal couple’s routine, and breaking it has just made me feel pretty lousy.  I honestly think the last three months of this tour will seem longer than the nine we just spent apart!!

I’m so ready to get back to life in my own world, in my own house, with my own things that are not packed away in boxes because there’s no space for them. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate everything that my family has done for me, taking the stray, homeless, jobless cat back in when FM up and left for Oklahoma, after seven years of being 300 miles away… but I’ve pretty much had it with shoving all of my life into one small room and fighting for bathroom space.  

I want to be back on my own, with FM, finally starting life as it “should” be; where quiet time reading a book does not come with thousands of interruptions,  showers can last as long as you want them to, and not having exactly two vegetable sides for dinner is completely acceptable.  

It has been an epic challenge of my very slim patience to move back in here, with my parents and sister, at 25 years old, a challenge that I now believe I have accepted for long enough, and one that I'm running thin on fortitude to continue managing. 

So the countdown has begun, 84 days left.  Only 12 more weekends.  

I have found myself repeating the countdown, sometimes out loud, other times in my head, but each to the same end… I’m so, SO, ready to PCS!!  I'm ready to be back with my husband! I love my family dearly, as they do me or they wouldn’t have let me come back, but I think it’s time that we return to living our separate ways.  We like each other far more when we do!!

84 days.  12 weekends!

Anyone else feeling the same way?!?  Ready to move on from your current location, possibly out of the family home??  Please, feel free to commiserate.  Misery loves company after all! 

Oh, and a Happy Cinco de Mayo to all. Drinks, ¡olé!

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