Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Be a Happy Unicorn

So I’m a little behind the times with getting back from the trip and whatnot, but I need to make sure that I get this post in since it’s 2 weeks overdue!

I met Lorin, of Curiously Lorin, through a snail mail swap a couple of months ago and we’ve been blog stalking each other from across the pond since (you can read about our awesome exchange here).  She’s lovely, English, and you should totally check her out for all things fashion and vintage!! She started a little campaign on positivity, and since being an Army wife is a lot about being able to see the sunshine through the olive drab storms, I’m most definitely going to join her and spread some of the cheerfulness around.  

She’s asked that I be a unicorn, which, of all mythical creatures, would likely be tremendously fun, but alas, I cannot actually be a unicorn.  However, I can certainly share three things that make me happy (One thing that makes me unhappy is the inability to see a unicorn!) and spread the love around to all of you.  So, here goes… three things making me happy lately:

1.  Spring is here and that means sunshine, short sleeve shirts, fresh air through the screen, longer nights spent outside, driving with the windows down, and being one season closer to FM coming home!!

2.  Living in a free country, where I can do pretty much whatever I set my mind to without fear of religious persecution, physical attacks based on gender, or imprisonment for having a strong opinion.

3.  FM.  He brightens my day with a simple text, and makes me feel like the prettiest person on the planet, even if I feel like Spermy the Whale.  Knowing you’re that beautiful in someone else’s eyes is something impossible to be unhappy about!

I know you’re all wonderful, optimistic, unicorn people too, so please feel free to team up with Lorin and myself, share some positivity around this here blogland, and enjoy being happy!
And a shout out to Lorin, not only for tagging me, but for getting this going! You’re a great unicorn, other unicorns would be proud!

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