Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Brains... Well Scrambled or Fried?

While FM was away last week at training, learning something awesome, I'm sure, I was over here trying not to have a complete and total mental breakdown.  It seems like everything came crashing into my lap at the same time, setting off a medium sized bout of neuroses!! 

To try and make sense of the world, I sat down and started to make a mental list of everything that needs to get done within the next three months before we PCS... BAD. IDEA. As if I didn't already know that I've got a thousand things to figure out, the devil list just solidified that I'm clearly getting too much sleep and not spending enough time doing those other things I should be getting squared away.  Okay, that's a total lie, I'm basically sleeping only the necessary amount of time when my body finally reaches the shutdown phase!

But that list... ugh, that list!! It just keeps haunting me!! And there's only so much I can do between the hours of 6pm and 1am, after work and pre-exhaustion.

I've got to find a photographer, florist, and limo company for the wedding.
I need to order the invitations that we like and send them all out.
I have to decide where we're going to live, sight unseen, at Fort Drum, and fill out the application.
I need to locate a moving company/research PODS for our DITY (Do-it-Yourself, see I learned another Army acronym) move.
I'll have to start packing up in the next month or so for said move.
I have to find bridesmaids gifts and shawls or they'll be awfully cold.
We need to actually, physically, move everything.
I need to tactfully quit my job and wrap up everything that needs to be done before I go.
I have to start looking for a new job. (SOOO not happening!!)
And, finally, change over our address on EVERYTHING we own!

And that's just some of the fun going on my well-scrambled/fried brain this week!

Honestly, I need a day off, like not a holiday day, a weekday day off, to get all of this done.  I mean I know it's totally do-able, but I just simply don't have the time to be doing it!! And the stress is creeping in by the day.

...or a pinata everywhere I go!!
On the bright side though, I think I've brainstormed some decent work-at-home opportunities just in case I can't find another job up in South Canada (read: I'm so not finding a job, so there has to be a plan B).

Here's hoping I can knock off some of that list this week, or at least this weekend, and get back to a normal level of insanity.

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