Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Miltary Spouse Appreciation Day!

Today the military community celebrates the military spouse.  We celebrate the hard work and dedication.  We celebrate the tears shed for deployments and tours. We celebrate the selflessness and self sacrifice.  We celebrate solo parenting.  We celebrate strength and fortitude.  We celebrate the warrior spirit.  We celebrate the homecomings.  We celebrate the stress of a PCS.  We celebrate the advocates, volunteers, and helpers in FRGs.  We celebrate US!!

It's my very first Military Spouse Appreciation Day as a military spouse, and as I'm writing this post, I'm doing so, not for recognition of being said spouse, but to thank all of you. I turned to blogging because I had no idea how to be a milSO, and I'm still teetering around figuring things out as I stumble along, but the rest of you out there who I've "met" through this fantastic world serve as inspiration to me that this can be a very rewarding, fulfilling life despite the challenges we all face day in and day out.

So a very large THANK YOU to the military spouses who have already allowed me to stalk their pages, poke into their lives, and ask questions from in order to learn, thanks for making Going Green even better than it is! And to all those spouses I've yet to meet, I look forward having you as part of this journey too!
Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day everyone!!

And to celebrate even further, head over to the USO website and sign the Every Moment Counts flag.

They're trying very hard to break a Guinness Book World Record by offering the biggest "thank you" ever to all of our troops and their families.  Sign by May 31st to take part in something really awesome with an ever greater message behind it!!

And of course visit Amanda today and seek out some new and old milSO friends to tell them how much you appreciate them!

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