Monday, July 7, 2014

Wrapping Up This Hardship Tour.

In a little under 20 days FM will be jumping on a jet plane and heading back home, closing out this last year in hardship tour land.  As we started prepping to wrap everything up, and things started getting ever more berserk around here, I just couldn’t help but send FM a little pump up in the form of an awesomely decorated care package. I have to say, it has easily been one of my favorite creations of the last year.  Check it out.

Come to think of it, now that it’s all coming to an end, it’s sad to admit that there are a few things I’m going to miss about the last year (although none more than FM), like…
-          Living on Long Island.  I mean I’m sure Watertown and Fort Drum are lovely, but LI is and always will be my #1 home and I’ll surely miss being a stone’s throw from the beach and within easy driving distance to 4 Target stores.
-          Being close to my family.  Right now, this is a difficult one to admit because
I am mostly counting down the days ‘til we have a little bit of space between us all and can appreciate each other once again, but I’ll miss being able to just hangout and watch Pretty Little Liars with my sister or picking mom’s brain in the wee hours of the morning.  And that’s what Skype was made for.
-          Speaking of Skype, I just might miss those weekend dates with FM.  But, then again, I will have the real thing back home, so I think I’ll get over that one. It was a great thing to look forward to though.  Maybe I’ll just Skype him once a month from the next room.
-          Sending packages.  FM may be getting care package-esque wrapped gifts for the next few major holidays ‘cause I really enjoyed making those things!
-          Shopping sans judgment.  We all know that look we get when we come home all excited with arms full of bags and our respective better halves give us a cockeyed look like “woman, were you shopping AGAIN?”. I did not miss that look.  And for that, I will now online shop more!

So bottom line?  It’s been real hardship tour, and there are some things I’ll miss when you’re over, but I can’t say I’ll be too upset about you ending!  I'm just glad we made it through with flying colors!

Have any of you found yourselves a little nostalgic for the end of a tour/deployment too?   Tell me about it so I feel a little less insane!

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week!  

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