Friday, September 26, 2014

Is THAT the Last Time I Blogged?!?


Does that say July 22nd was the last time I was here?? Aye!!!   I guess things have been as busy as I thought they were!  

Since we’re finally in our new place and life is returning to a semi-normal status, I suppose I should get back to being a better blogger.  So, my sincere apologies for lacking, but I promise, I’ll try real hard to give you a catch up on what’s being going on in casa de FM & Lauren over the last month .5 over the next few posts…

We’ve officially finished our first PCS.  Well, by finished I mean we’re here at Fort
Drum, our furniture is too, but we’re still living amongst our very own boxtrolls and we’ve yet to be financially reimbursed for the PPM.  But, hey, big picture right?? Easier said than done I’m afraid, especially for my OCD self.  The clutter is driving me b-a-n-a-n-a-s, and going up to the spare room where everything was dumped is grounds for a mini panic attack.  Although, I have to say, things went far smoother than expected.  More on that in another post…

FM is back to work too, getting settled stateside.  As anticipated, there’s been a bit of adjustment period for both of us on that front.  The first, and most difficult to grasp on my end, is the god-awful time he needs to get up to be out of the house.  I love him dearly, but he is not a quiet morning person, and 5AM is not a suitable time for anything short of birds to be functioning, no less me, who has no need or desire to be awake.  Ain’t nobody got time for that! But, we’re getting used to it, and I’m investing in industrial grade earplugs. 

Overall, no major complaints as of yet on this Fort Drum experience.  I’m still able to blog outdoors on our new patio set, which is a HUGE bonus for this area, considering I’m sure we’ll buried under fluffy white stuff in a matter of a few weeks. Hopefully it can hold off for a while, I’m not quite ready to dig out the boots and jackets yet. 

So stay tuned for updates on all the fun we’ve been experiencing in the last few weeks, including…
- The big move, and everything we did to prep for and complete it
- Getting used to our first base assignment together
- New townhouse re-dos and decorating challenges
- Wrapping up wedding planning and getting ready for the big day
- Apple picking and other awesome fall-ness
- The new job search, volunteer opportunities, and everything I’ve found available to spouses
- Plus, much, much more!

Now off to catch up on all of your blog-tastic things… this might take a while!! It’s good to be back, I missed you guys! 

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