Friday, February 6, 2015

The Negatives of Fort Drum... Temperatures That Is

As my back to blogging announcement post alluded to, Fort Drum gets its fair share of the fluffy stuff.  And with the fluffy stuff, comes the cold stuff.  Or the cold stuff comes first I guess.  Either way, chicken or egg, it gets pretty darn chilly up here in Northern New York.  But this post isn’t about disliking where we’re stationed, it’s about how bloody cold it is here (the British have a great way of describing something distasteful in PC terms, don’t they?).

Now, that’s not to say that we weren’t expecting any of this.  We knew from all of our years living in Albany, NY, and FM’s younger years in the Adirondacks,that we would be getting a nice workout with our snow shovels and needing a warmer winter wardrobe, but neither of us has ever experienced “lake effect” conditions before.  I don’t like it! 

Allow me to elaborate.  The average temperature here for January/February has been 11.7°.  The record low for the month was -30.1°.  Yes.  You read that correctly.  Negative.  Oh, and that doesn’t account for a little thing called wind chill, which is essentially a bunch of tiny little invisible prison shanks coming at your face/head/fingers/any part of your body that’s not covered by a good chunk of warm material by way of the wind which drops the “feels like” temperature anywhere from 10-20°
on its own.  Oh. Dear. God!  Add on top of that all of the extra snow  we get coming off of those famed Great Lakes, and you’ve got yourself a white nightmare and some pretty gigantic snow drifts to look forward to shoveling before work.

This used to be our house...
This was November...
Who needs colorful leaves for Thanksgiving?

What’s the point of this little weather report you ask?  Well, first, to tell you not to request Fort Drum if you’re not up or this kind of weather situation.  It’s not for the faint of heart, or the diehard warm weather Southerners (I love you guys, but I’ve met so many of you here that are absolutely miserable! For that, I’m sorry!).  For those that think you can handle it, come visit, I’ll gladly lend you a shovel as a test run! 

You'll have to drive through this to visit though.
Those two little bright dots would
be an 18 wheeler barreling at us.
Second, it’s to give you yet another reason why blogging has been difficult lately.  When it snows we’re out every couple of hours to try and keep up with the dumping on our walkways, patio, cars, so we just plain don’t lose them somewhere.  And when FM is working, well, it’s just me on the quest to recover our property from Mother Nature.  So all of the everyday stuff gets pushed in between the shoveling schedule, and honestly, it’s tiring! I’ve shoveled many a driveway before, but when it’s -30° and you’re shoveling snow up to your waist, you get pretty tired pretty quick and pretty much hate the world, which is pretty much not a vibe I want going on over here in blogland.  This is my happy place!!

I mean there are some pretty times, like sunset at Tibbets Point.
just driving along the edge of America.  Yep, that's Canada over there with
the wind farm! And that is crumbling ice chunks on Lake Ontario, mhmm.

So enjoy the photos of Antarctica North/South Canada. And if you’re stationed somewhere sunny and warm, please share yours to remind me that we will get through this Fro-zone period and see the light of the sun again.  Oh, and have a Mai Tai for me while you’re at it.

What's been your worst winter duty station?? Leave me some comments on the negative temps there! Or share a really nice warm photo!

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