Wednesday, February 4, 2015

We're Married... AGAIN!

Well what better day than the first real blog post since radio silence to write about one of the biggest things that has taken up so much of our time lately… FM and I were married again in November!

As many of you know, FM and I were first married in a quick but lovely civil ceremony before his yearlong tour to S. Korea.  If you’ve never been here before and are going “SAY WHAT? Who get married to the same person twice?,” you can read all about that first one here and here! Oh, and we get married twice, that’s who.  As do many others, apparently, seeing as New York State even has a separate box to check for it on their marriage licenses.  

Planning and actually executing everything that I wanted to do and have for our wedding was an epic feat, I won’t lie, especially since I did most of it by my lonesome after moving away from my family and bridesmaids
in August.  But it all turned out rather well, if I do say so myself! That’s, of course, if you’re not considering that our reception staff lit the 130+ year mansion on fire, causing guests to play fire drill for a full half hour in semi-freezing pre-December temperatures, and the DWI crash/truck spill traffic our transportation was stuck in making us late for our own wedding… but, who’s remembering that???  Typically, my events are known for just having absolutely horrific weather, which, actually held out for us.  So I guess you can’t have it all!  At least the fire drill and traffic jam will be a wonderful, unforgettable memory for us, and certainly our guests, for years to come!  

But we had a fabulous time! It was great to finally be able to celebrate our marriage with everyone we love and care about, and they all certainly shined up nicely for the day!

I will send out a word of warning to the overly ambitious brides-to-be out there… If you’re thinking about doing everything yourself, DON’T!  I rarely have any kind of facial breakouts or anxiety attacks but planning and putting all of this together brought on both!  Thankfully, I let someone else handle the flowers, but centerpieces, bridal party outfit pieces, favors, memorial table, and all other small and minor details that went into making this come together were all me, and that was certainly enough to drive me insane for 3 straight months! I worked harder on getting all of those things together than I ever did at any job!!  And, for the most part, it was fun, but I honestly don’t think I’ll be making the career path change to wedding planner any time soon! 

Anyway! So that explains where a good chunk of my blogging time has gone, and for you wonderfully patient readers who I adore, here’s some of the amazing photos to prove it…

**All images are by the amazing Cecelia from Boschelli Photography! If you're on or near Long Island, you have to use her!!

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