Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Feeling Pretty Eeyore-y

I have got some seriously low morale lately! Very Eeyore-esque. These last couple of weeks have been the most difficult time in this whole Army craziness for me to deal with, and it’s left me not wanting to do a darn thing.  It’s been a ton of last minute trainings and schools and whatever else that’s been taking FM all over the country and leaving me to pick up the pieces and it’s just SO not fun and frustrating!!

Living the military life includes a undeniable, unbreakable contract that events like tours, deployments, training, schools, etc. will happen, and it will probably come at a time that is totally inconvenient (like there’s ever really a time where it’s super convenient to send your spouse away).  But with the way things
are running right now every other week we’re being given a new schedule, a new reason for FM to not be around.  Leave, come back, leave, come back.  Round and round we go, and the merry-go-round continues to circle, horses stampeding over us every time we try to plan something. 

I know I have issues with everything being designed perfectly, every life detail figured out down to the minute (I'm more an OCD Rabbit than Eeyore).  And I know that directly defies everything the military is about, planning is not in their vocabulary.   But week after week of things being rearranged, events and invitations needing to be canceled, travel itineraries getting squashed, I’m about to lose it! 

We’re both pretty tired of things as they are currently going, and quite frankly, mismanagement of information down the chain and plain old poor planning is to blame.  But we’re rendered powerless in this situation, as all military families are at one time or another. Hence, the low morale!  And what makes this even more frustrating for me is watching my husband try to manage his constant disappointment, and my inability to offer any solution other than a very wide open, sympathetic ear.

I’ve had reservations about posting my feelings on the blog, because who needs to read more negativity? But I’ve always wanted this space to be part of an honest conversation and how I honestly feel is a mixture of angry, frustrated, disappointed, and stressed at a time where we’re not supposed to be under all that much pressure (militarily at least).   Yearlong hardship in S. Korea, piece of cake.  BCT, ACT, JRTC, ETC., no problem.  This BS, plain old silly! 

What’s got your morale low?? I’m feeling a little better after letting this out, let yours out too!

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