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Well hi there!

From the outset this blog has always been about having an honest conversation about what it’s like to live as a new military family in the 21st century.  And I’m happy to say that over the last two years, it has done just that (and more)! Sometimes the subjects I blog about aren’t always pretty, or fair, or two sided, or just, or smart, or whatever it is you want them to be, but they’re what I need to write about to make my self-diagnosed neuroses remain in check.  Stick around a while and you might just find something you like, or at least know that there’s someone in your corner, thinking the crazy things you’re thinking too. 

With that…

your humble 27 year old author (admitting that was like punching me in the spleen).  I am a born and raised New Yorker, a true city girl, with a natural obsession for the beach and everything nautical.  I absolutely love to read & have hundreds of books in a room I call “The Library” that are organized in no way that makes sense to anyone but me.  It’s really just a spare room, but I like to think I’m Belle in the Beast’s castle sometimes.  I thoroughly enjoy writing, and I have every intention of turning my passion into a future career in some form or another. I drink enough coffee to keep Columbia in business, and have a strong and deep appreciation for a good bottle of wine, which I will show by drinking the whole thing by myself and joining many wine clubs. I hoard nail polish, make lists compulsively, enjoy the smell of rubbing alcohol and bleach when cleaning, and shop with coupons. I'm working on my issues!  I hold a Masters from the University at Albany in Anthropology/Classics.  Well, I don’t actually hold it, it’s in a nice frame on the wall, which is a good place for it considering it’s really not helping me in the job department. Cool!

Oh and I blog sometimes…

Here's my glamor shot...

The mysterious FM is my best friend and husband.  A 29 year old upstate New York gun-toting wildlife hunter/fisherman/backwoods country boy at heart, self proclaimed "snowboard master," who, out of the blue, enlisted in the U.S. Army when he was 27, throwing our lives just a tad upside down (read: completely dismantled all hope of normalcy).  He likes to wear flannel, drink bourbon, watch Moonshiners, and battle me in trivia games. Sometimes I let him win.  Oh, and he's a Mets fan.  Don't ask me how that happened!

How GQ of him.

Here’s our condensed version of a timeline, in case you haven’t been here before (which I would suggest you surely read some of the early posts in the archive, they’re not that great, but it gives you more of a background on us if you need that kinda thing...):

We met in college.  Decided we liked each other enough to live together for 4 years, which taught us we liked each other so much that we’d be upset if we murdered the other.  Went through the painful period of deciding if we could outlast the military life while he attended basic training and AIT.  Decided we could.  Got engaged.  Got civilly married two weeks later.  He was stationed for a whole year in South Korea. I stayed behind, but visited.  We were relocated to Fort Drum.  Got married again, but bigger this time (‘cause, why not?).  And that’s where we stand, freezing up in Northern New York at Fort Drum, married, happy, and considering whether or not we can handle the addition of a little one.  Puppy that is.

So now that you know a little more about the people behind the blog … welcome to Our Army Adventure!  I’m happy to have you here!   I certainly don’t have all the answers to what being a military family means, but I’m learning a lot on this journey!  Follow us as we figure it all out…

Be well.


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  1. First let me say that I love your signature because of the anchor!! I am obsessed with all things nautical! Second, we would get along great with our post-its and organization :) Third, your writing style is awesome and your story is amazing! I will be adding you to my must-read list!

    So glad you found me through the weekend shenanigans!

    xo Chandler


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